さて、前に このような質問をいただきました。





Thank you very much for using the Koe-Koe Save Tool and KoeCast Save Tool.
It’s a tool I made in a very short time, but I’m glad you’re happy to use it.

Now, I received a question like this before.

“Can I put them in my iPhone’s camera roll?”
“No, you can’t.”

Strictly speaking, it is possible, but you have to encode it on your PC, so it’s not possible for the iPhone alone.
I can create it, but there are no plans to implement it in the future because it will eat up server resources.

However, if you want to pay for it, I think it’s possible.
If you want to make it a membership system and put it in the camera roll, it is possible.

So, I would like to hear your opinions in the comments or contact form.
If I get a certain number of people, I will consider it.

I don’t intend to make any money from this, as it’s just for fun, and I hope to maintain the server costs to a minimum.

I’m thinking of making a video by attaching an arbitrary still image to an audio file as a little something extra.

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